Springs for your every need!

    We make our springs in line with the customer’s specifications and drawings, DIN standards, and the models provided. This makes us far more than a spring supplier - we are a reliable partner to our customers throughout the product life cycle. Our operations are guided by an ISO 9001 certified quality-control system and ISO 14001 environmental management.

    The wire types we use range from 0.1 mm to 28 mm in thickness, and they are made from galvanised, stainless, acid-proof, and spring steel that comply with all the relevant standards. Make use of our 35+ years of experience from the design stage onward. We  manufacture springs in line with all the most commonly applied standards, offering you a highly cost-efficient solution.

    Only the best materials

    Because we want to offer our customers the highest possible quality, we use materials that comply with all the applicable EU standards in our spring production (galvanised, stainless, acid-proof, and spring steel). Our wire suppliers are among the best in the field. Our state-of-the-art CNC machines guarantee high quality and competitive prices for both small batches of prototypes and large-scale production comprising several million pieces.

    When you’re seeking an agile partner

    The rapid pace of modern production demands a great deal from subcontractors. For this reason, the cornerstone of our operations is speed coupled with excellent delivery performance. When necessary, we can supply springs at a single day’s notice. For larger batches, we offer shelving space in addition.

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